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Get It Done With Prodigy

The only Pay As You Go Credit Repair Software! No monthly Fees, No Contracts, No Commitments!


No High Monthly Fees! Pay as you go software. Affordable and economical for small to large credit repair companies.

Ease of Use

Simple yet powerful automated credit repair at your finger tips. Easy to follow steps for beginners, novice up through experts.

Increase Productivity

The fastest credit repair processing software available today. Aggressive letters for high success rates.


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Analyze Credit Reports

Credit reports analyzed in seconds! Hard Inquires, charge offs, late payments, bankruptcies, and more analyzed processed and letters delivered quickly and accurately.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

With more time on your hands from the fast processing time of Prodigy. Grow your customer base by having more time to interact with potential new clients.

Processing Your Credit Files Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Fast processing time, with aggressive verbiage equals successful campaigns day in and day out.

"Absolutely the best credit repair software on the market. Our file processing time has decreased and freed up more time for marketing to new clients."

– Larenz Winford –
– Larenz Winford Credit Repair –

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